Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Red Badge of Courage

Category: War

Author: Stephen Crane

Summary: Henry Fleming had no idea how horrible war really was. Attacks come from all sides, bullets fly, bombs crash. Men everywhere are wounded, bleeding, and dying. Now, Henry's fighting for his life and he's scared. He must make a decision, perhaps the most difficult decision he will ever make in his life: save himself-run from the enemy and desert his friends-or fight, be brave, and risk his life. If he stays to fight, he may die with his regiment. If he runs, he'll have to live with knowing he was a coward. Can Henry find the strength within himself to earn his red badge of courage?


At 8:39 PM, Blogger Hikingout said...

William Hea

This book is a SLOW read. There are two half-battles and they are fairly boring. Almost all of the novel is spent psychoanalyzing Fleming. The cover is misleading, this book has very little to do with battle.

However, there are so many motifs and themes that it almost justifies reading the book. If you can take good notes, this book almost guarantees an A paper because you can't go wrong. The writing contains many symbols and is well-organized.

But, the book is very slow and very short. It lacks action or truly controversial language. I recognize that it was controversial in its time, but it is fairly commonplace today. Its strong use of motifs and symbols can become almost annoying along with Crane's word choice.

This novel is good for a first ALIS novel because it compares very well with other novels, even if you change your mind as to what to read later in the year.

There is nothing truly disturbing in the book. Its view of war is controversial, but mildly.

There are plenty of criticisms available for this book, but not as many as more popular books.

I recommend this book, but don't think that it will be a fun read.

At 9:07 PM, Blogger Lyndsey♪ said...

I'm going to have to agree with Will on this one...the book is SLOW moving. And there truely isn't much depth to it.

However if you really try and analyze each character mentioned you can find a totally different story within. Symbolism can be found, but it is hard to find. Make sure you write down whatever you're thinking along the way. I know I tend to lose track of my thoughts, especially in slow moving books. Be sure to mark everything you find, even if you're not sure it has any importance. After you've finised the book go back and look over those notes to see how relevant they are.

The book really isn't very contreversial or thought-provoking. But I say look to each character and you'll find something important about each of them.


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